Hello From Ireland

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Hello From Ireland

Beitrag von tomtom2004 » Sa 10. Okt 2015, 20:55

Hi I just found this software today when looking at options for a studio playout system for a hospital based radio station I am involved with.

It looks really good and easy to use and great the features. I'm a little lost with some of the translations but I see elsewhere you plan to release a multi language version at some time , I look forward to that.

I will continue to experiment with it .

Thank you for all your hard work in making this available,

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Re: Hello From Ireland

Beitrag von musicman » Di 13. Okt 2015, 15:40

Hi Tom,
I'm also still new here in this community and with the use of digijay, but I think I speak for all people here that you should feel free to ask all your questions concerning the use of this software. :)
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Re: Hello From Ireland

Beitrag von muntablues » Di 13. Okt 2015, 16:00

Hi Tom

Nice to have an other english speaking guy here, even if the program is in german only!

Multilanguage is one of the next steps on my list, but it will take some time to implement that, because i did not care about language when I started and now I have the problem to implement it correct and in a suitable way!

Gruß MB