DJ'd with 1.813

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DJ'd with 1.813

Beitrag von Hanginon » So 7. Jun 2015, 14:18

Did it, I actually did an important gig with Digijay.

I just love how easy it is to switch in and out of Autoplay - very important for DJ's that do a lot of interacting with the dancers. As you continue to upgrade future versions, please do not change this.

It ran for 4 hours, had to change the "next song" que'd up at the very last second a few times, not a single problem. Nice job!
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Re: DJ'd with 1.813

Beitrag von muntablues » Mi 17. Jun 2015, 17:13

Good to hear and thank you for this words...

I have no intention to change the behavior of auto Dj stuff and all this things. I thing they work fine as they are and so its is all ok for me.

As I read your style of work you may try the "Break" button, it could be a nice feature for you. Once you pressed it, the running songs will be fade out and you are ready to talk to your dancers, after you finished talking press Break again and the other player will start. So you will not have to search the play button after talking...

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