Assigning LED's Hercules RMX2

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Assigning LED's Hercules RMX2

Beitrag von Hanginon » Di 1. Sep 2015, 14:26

How do you add LED's to the tree. Right now there's only 5 - Que1, Que2, Init All, Play1, Play2.

I can add LED's to alles LED's, such as Monitor1. I can get the LED to toggle on and off, but how can I assign it to Monitor1 when Monitor1 is not in the Tree?
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Re: Assigning LED's Hercules RMX2

Beitrag von muntablues » Di 1. Sep 2015, 17:25

LED functions were implemented very elementary and there would be many things to optimize! But time is missing...

I will look into it in the next weeks maybe I'll find some hours to implement some stuff like that...
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