Hello from across the Atlantic!

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Hello from across the Atlantic!

Beitrag von Hanginon » Fr 29. Mai 2015, 00:05

Zero posts in the English section? Let me fix that right now!!

Really great job on this program. I think I first looked at DigiJay about a year ago, and thought it wasn't ready for real world use. Wow, what a difference 12 months makes - I'm actually planning gigging with it. A little confusing since the default skin has German (I think) in all the drop-down menus, but other than that, absolutely great - I am telling others about it. Thanks.

Fred in the U.S. of A.
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Re: Hello from across the Atlantic!

Beitrag von muntablues » Fr 29. Mai 2015, 16:46

Hello back to the USA

Great to see the FIRST English speaking user in this board!

Yes DigiJay is (sadly) german only at the moment but one of my next steps will be the implementation of multilingual support! But it will take some time to implement that feature because when I startet to develope DigiJay I did not care about that and so its hard to do that stuff...

So at the moment I can just say "stay tuned" :-)

Gruß MB